Our products are drawn and carefully designed for the medical field

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We are a software company specialized in the Medical and Healthcare field projects, this is our core business and our specialty, but we also work in other application fields.

We have been working in the medical sector for more than 15 years and we are aware of the specificities of the medical domain. We move easily in this world, both in the case of products that need integration with hardware (TAC, MRI, DEXA, biosensors, surgical instruments, etc.) and for freestanding solutions.

Over time we built powerful software for many purposes, such as:

  • Control systems for radiological imaging equipment;

  • Control systems for MRI equipment in the field of pre-clinical, pharmacological and clinical, for human and vet;

  • Guidance for oncological, in both planning and execution through augmented reality devices;

  • Planning for endovascular aortic implants;

  • Dental implant planning and bone grafting;

  • Pre/post-processing and management for radiological images.


We applied our creativity also in unconventional and innovative uses such as gaming applied to medical.

We worked on wearable devices for monitoring biological parameters and with different kind of sensors and biosensors.


    Our strengths are the management consoles for electromedical equipment. Any control console that refers to a specific equipment is different; it is characterized by the specific domain but also by the specific features of the operator associated with the machine . We carefully study the work of the operator to provide maximum ergonomics of the systems. We are experts in CT, MRI, PET and DEXA but our expertise on consoles applies to any sector.

  •  3D CAD 

    Several business segments are starting to take particular advantage of the computer-aided design (CAD) process.

    Virtual models are starting to have many applications, ranging from simulations of interventions to virtual planning; I am used for training and customer-oriented communication, but also for scientific dissemination.


    We develop original user interfaces tailored for the best operator experience. Ease of handling, unique design.

    Our goal is maximum reduction of complexity with a clear and linear workflow.

    We have a lot of experience in medical software interfaces and for medical electrical equipment management consoles


    Cloud platforms are starting to play a key role in corporate management strategies. They provide high-end scalable solutions for all those types of applications involving data sharing, large computational jobs and building solid and reliable system infrastructures.

    Our skills in developing cloud-based solutions are based on years of experience gained in designing, developing and implementing web-based business collaboration platforms for the exchange of medical and personal data.


    Sometimes, running a good business is just a matter of analyzing and ensuring a tailored workflow .

    Our corporate system integration team focuses primarily on projects that help the customer identify bottlenecks and oily parts of their workflow by designing highly customized software solutions. The result surprisingly increases customer productivity.

  •  AR / VR 

    ( Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality ) Refers to computer-generated simulations that integrate the real world (AR) or are completely self-sufficient (VR).

    We work with different technologies and devices (gesture control, voice recognition, RFID) creating a new method of communication between operator and system.


    We have a lot of experience with highly technological sensors and biosensors . We take care of everything from software to firmware , but also electronic prototyping and microelectronics . We are working on IoT projects in the medical field, but also for telemedicine and telepresence.

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