We can see hidden and unespected possibilities behind method taken for granted

We work alongside our customers as a technological partner, innovating together, step by step, to update existing products and create new high-tech solutions.


Together with the customer, we identify the technological mix that is best suited to specific business needs, strategy, long-term objectives, regulations in the reference sector and time to market.

With the right combination of technology, innovation and design, we can successfully solve the most difficult business challenges and provide custom software solutions.


A project's realization passes through a well-defined process that we have developed over the years, a process further perfected with the achievement of the ISO-13485 certification.

Our internal procedures allow us to work closely with customers and to go through a rapid and orderly execution of the analysis and technical feasibility phase. Then the structuring of a technical and economic offer, if appropriate to the requests and expectations of the customer, follows the contractual part.


A team of 2/3 specialists (analysts, developers, consultants) is assigned to each project and follows the whole process coordinated by the CTO and the CEO. Each customer always has a stable reference team that allows him to feel like a real project partner.


Our design and development process 


When we get in contact with a new customer, the initial briefing and debriefing is essential to create the conditions for a stable and mutual collaboration.

It is extremely important to understand the customer as much as possible and to touch every aspect of his business to have a global and complete vision of his problem.

In the Design Thinking approach it is the phase that could absorb the Empatize and Define steps in which the customer and his problem are carefully analyzed.


  • Study of the customer and its technological and market scenarios

  • Goal analysis

  • Study of technological and business solutions

  • Presentation and discussion of preliminary results


The analysis phase is followed by the generation of a first PRELIMINARY PROJECT which lays the foundation for the construction of the technical infrastructure and triggers the comparison with the customer's expectations and needs.

The preliminary project allows to verify the understanding of the problem and the quality of the proposed solution.

With a Design Thinking approach we could say that this is the Ideate phase in which all the information from the previous phases are analyzed to produce a first synthesis, that is the PRELIMINARY PROJECT.


  • Functional requirements (SRS)

  • Definition of deliverables

  • Preliminary usability analysis and general interface requirements


After an intense iterative phase of work on the preliminary project, which always takes place in close collaboration with the customer and his technicians, the EXECUTIVE PROJECT is formulated.

The executive project is the real project Bible, the document that will guide the entire development path.

Also in this case the Design Thinking comes to meet us with the Prototype phase, the executive project is in fact the virtual formulation of what the finished product will be in every detail.


  • Specifications

  • Execution Plan

    • Activities and estimates

    • Analysis

    • Programming


With contracting, the development of the project starts.

Each project, depending on its duration and complexity, can be divided into intermediate releases and moments of review and testing, this guarantees the customer that the project is always focused on business purposes and is always under its total control.






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