Innovation and experimentation are our daily coffee


Our company was founded in 2003 and we have years of experience in research and development with successful projects especially in the medical software sector.

We 100% embody the excellence of Made in Italy: we are a high-quality and technologically cutting-edge atelier, we create software designed to meet customer needs with highly innovative and competitive solutions.

We have brought our products in the world (many of them are patented): USA, Canada, South America, Israel, Arabia, China and participate personally or with our partners in the most important world events in the field of medicine, radiology and wearable technologies.

Working for years with customers and international partners, we are fully aware of the great value of some formal aspects that give companies a huge competitive advantage over the competitor.

We are able to develop software with all the features for the pursuit of certifications and patents.

We are ISO-13485 certified under EU MDR 2020.


We are an innovative SME from 2018.

Working with an innovative SME allows our customers to take advantage of financial instruments and credits such as tax credits for research and development activities, agreements for innovation on industrial research projects and experimental development, contracts of development on strategic and innovative investment programs.

We are proud to contribute to the construction of a true culture of innovation and to help our customers who invest in technology to compete in the global market.


We offer depth expertise, analysis and consultancy focused on the best strategy to achieve our customers' goals.

We are able to deal with every technological aspect of each business.

Our team is made up of passionate and highly experienced developers, analysts and designers.

We also have a portfolio of carefully selected and high-level consultants for: 3D modeling, 3D printing, microelectronics, firmware etc ...


We are expanding our team, we are looking for motivated collaborators and developers ready to work in teams, both in the office and remotely.

If you think you're the right one, contact us, maybe we are looking just for you!






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