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Make a vision come true

We create technologies that accelerate the growth of your business


Two decades of consolidated expertise, an IT partner you can trust

We are masters in the art of problem solving, both from an analytical and implementation perspective.

We are never satisfied with the banal; every challenge is an opportunity to create something truly extraordinary.

Our products speak for themselves, standing out for their technical quality, superior performance and unrivaled originality.

Development of integration projects

We seamlessly integrate existing systems and applications to enhance operational cohesion and the effectiveness of your business processes.

Reengineering of existing applications and services

We work on existing applications and services, improving their performance, usability and security. We update technologies and add new features to keep your systems cutting edge.

Custom AI design and development

We craft tailored AI solutions to meet your unique needs, enhancing your company's efficiency, automation, and decision-making capabilities

Outsourcing of experts or teams

We offer expert outsourcing and skilled teams, providing specialized skills and innovative solutions to support your business objectives.

Custom software

We create tailor-made software solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and optimize their operational processes.

Desktop, web and mobile

We design and develop tailor-made software solutions for desktop, web and mobile, ensuring optimal functionality and an unparalleled user experience across all platforms.

IoT solutions

We design and develop innovative IoT solutions to connect devices and systems, enhancing efficiency and real-time data collection

Cloud solutions

We provide cloud migration, management, and optimization services to enhance the scalability, security, and flexibility of your IT solutions.

What we can do for you

You have an idea, you have the funds, you don't have enough expertise and know-how to achieve your goals within the expected time frame

You have intellectual or industrial property

and you need consultancy and/or software development to create the product

You have a POC/MVP

developed by a third party, you need a refactoring but you don't know how

You need to develop a new product, digitize processes, integrate or reengineer existing applications

If you need integration, both hardware and software, system and application integration is one of our strengths!


Our core technology stack

Over time we have followed projects in the medical field (operative, pre-operative, diagnostic, DICOM data management, PACS etc.), industrial, commercial, wearable, robotics, IT research and in many other fields using and integrating technologies of all types.

​In our products we pay particular attention to the quality of the user interface and the efficiency of the User Experience

We meticulously design and study to meet the needs of our system users, without ever forgetting the quality of technological solutions, always at the forefront. ​


In recent years, we have consolidated knowledge and accumulated a great deal of experience in the integration of hardware and software systems, in the development of specific components for businesses, and in hardware-software commercial systems.

NRGsys_a lot of different coffee, a lot of personalization

Always focused!

Our 20 years of experience in the medical field and our cross-functional technological expertise allow us to significantly reduce development times for projects in the medical and healthcare sector. Medical software has no secrets for us!

Break barriers

An internal project contact will support you and look after your interests for the entire duration of the project. You will be able to talk to him and ask him any questions. He will be your spokesperson and will be responsible for conveying your needs to the development team.

Uncertainty is the only certainty

With startups and innovative projects you never get bored!

Our working methodology allows us to be very flexible in the various development phases so as to quickly adapt to any change of direction and never lose sight of time and budget.

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Tell us about your project, request a call!

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