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a rebranding story

Caffè, moka, made in Italy, design, technology… 
That’s NRGsys today! 

NRGsys was created in 2003.

First, a small home-based reality, then, it transformed in a few years. 


In 2009, the earthquake that hit our beloved city didn’t undermine anything except for our offices, and in 2010 we came back into our headquarters with new employees and new energy.

In November 2013, we celebrated our 10 years’ anniversary, and we prepared to take over the world!

2015 represents change. 

With staff growing quickly, we moved to bigger and more modern offices, giving space to NRGlab (3D print, industrial design, web development, etc) in the previous location.

Thus, in this scenario made of evolution and unstoppable change, we need changing clothes for starting a big rebranding work.

Where can we start to create a new business image?

First, we have to introduce ourselves!

Our logo should be our card, too, and it should speak about us:

who we are, what we are and what we do.

Who we are?

First of all, we are a team, we are motivated and passionate about what we do. We are creative and skilled, we are young people with lots of interests and talents, we are full of energy!

We are 100% Italians.

What are we?

We are a team with a strong personality: we face everything with extra gear. One of our distinctive qualities is the attention to aesthetic: we take care of our products’ design, paying attention to appearance but also and especially to shape and structure quality, not to mention the ergonomy and the ethic that is necessary in order to guarantee the product’s longevity.


We are curious: we love learning, experimenting and creating. It is important to us to stay on top of new technologies, and our talent is best expressed when we create unprecedented solutions through the development of existing devices’ unexpressed potential.


…Serious? At the right moment.

Professional? ALWAYS!

What we do?

Well, for a start, we develop software. Besides that, we do much more:

  • we provide solutions to problems the client can’t identify;

  • we create tools that improve everyday’s life;

  • we develop methods for optimizing time and effort in work and home spaces;

  • we listen to and help clients to identify their problems and, together, we build and develop projects that meet their requirements.

Italian energy, just like coffee!

Design, Italianness, quality, longevity, reliability…it’s impossible not to think about one of the objects with the purest italian design, that has made the history of 1900 industrial design: the iconic Moka, the famous italian coffee maker!

We all have one, and for most of us it is the first thing we focus when we wake up!

Each one has his/her/their favorite coffee and his/her/their style: short, long, latte, American, Turkish, with cream, bitter, shaken, Viennese, cold, in a glass…

An endless variability of modalities just like each client is unique in his technological and business needs, requirements and preferences. A cross-sectional concept in each project: Customization and ALWAYS taylor-made working method.

Caffè, moka, Italy, technology…let’s connect the dots

NRGsys logo

This is what we are today! A logo that distinguishes and characterizes us at first sight.

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